Location: Online - Zoom

This course includes 4 classes of 90 minutes.

Course content:

  • Why K9-Fitness for the agility dog?
  • Teach the five exercises
  • Warming Up for the agility dog
  • Building workouts with these five exercises


  • The recording of each class
  • Pdf – presentations
  • Pdf – description of each exercise
  • Short video’s showing each exercise

4 dogs can attend.

Price: 95 euro (Incl VAT)

More info: Nimble-K9  or  info@Nimble-K9.be

Why this course?

  • Ready to prepare your dog physically to deal with the load his body will undergo while running an agility course? 
  • A bit worried that, due to lack of time, you will not come to training Fitness?  
  • Don’t feel like investing in expensive Fitness equipment?


With these five exercises we are able to build short, efficient workout routines which will, with the help of simple, cheap equipment, train and strengthen the complete body of the canine agility athlete! 


  • A limited number of exercises facilitates  teaching them to perfection. To reach our goal – strengthening well-defined muscle groups – perfect executions are important.
  • With these five exercises we can build workouts that take fifteen to twenty minutes.  By training them, at home, twice to three times a week the dog will be well prepared for the coming agility season. 
  • By building a routine based on only five exercises the training sessions will run smoothly. 
  • To teach the exercises targets, steps and stools will do. There is no need for expensive balance equipment. With the help of some creativity there is no need for expensive equipment.  To advance the exercises balance equipment can be used but you can certainly start training efficiently with the use of minimum equipment.

Conditions for participation?

  • The dog is at least ten months old. 
  • The dog is free of injury at the time of subscription. Please inform me about old/recovered injuries. 
  • For any online course a stable internet connection is required.

What equipment do you need?

Here you can find a document with the equipment needed for the course.

If you have any questions left, concerning the course or the equipment, please contact me via  info@Nimble-K9.be  or the Nimble-K9 .

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April course Evening

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